*Chaplains – please see below for information about specialized chaplaincy training for this event.

Before attending the Sturgis Bike Rally, be sure to watch this 10 part video training series to ensure you are prepared for working under the tent. They are broken into different parts so you can view them at your convenience. Please allow up to 25 minutes per session.

Part 1 | Training Intro | Sturgis Rally Training

Part 2 | Under the Tent | Sturgis Rally Training

Part 3 | DOs and DON’Ts | Sturgis Rally Training

Part 4 | Intro to the 3 Minute Testimony | Sturgis Rally Training

Part 5 | 3 Minute Testimony | Introducing Yourself | Sturgis Rally Training

Part 6 | 3 Minute Testimony | Before Christ | Sturgis Rally Training

Part 7 | 3 Minute Testimony | Met Christ | Sturgis Rally Training

Part 8 | 3 Minute Testimony | After Christ | Sturgis Rally Training

Part 9 | 3 Minute Testimony | The Question | Sturgis Rally Training

Part 10 | 3 Minute Testimony | Examples | Sturgis Rally Training

*Chaplaincy Training:

We will be offering chaplain training this summer with a specific focus on chaplaincy as it relates to our ministry at the Sturgis Bike Rally. This will be a simplified version of the course that Disaster Relief chaplains are trained in, which is designed to teach the basics of chaplain ministry and also provide tools for you to use in ministering as a chaplain.

Anyone who is interested in helping as a chaplain in Sturgis who has not been through chaplain training before will be required to complete this training before serving as a chaplain during the rally. Those who have been through some type of chaplain training previously will find this training helpful as a refresher of your skills.

There are three opportunities to take part in this training.

  • July 8-9 – Huron Baptist Church – Huron, SD
  • July 22-23 – First Love Church – Lincoln, ND
  • August 5-6 – First Baptist Church Sturgis – Sturgis, SD

All of these training times will follow the same schedule: 7-10 PM on Friday and 8am-3:30 PM on Saturday. Lunch will be provided on Saturday and the host churches will allow people to stay onsite if needed overnight on Friday. There are showers available at each location. Be sure and bring an air mattress or cot to sleep on if you stay at the church.

Please contact Jeff Musgrave at 701-818-8801 or at to register for the training or for more information.